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"Imagine if you could have the visual appeal of the billboard, the personal feel of SMS, the wide reach of newspapers, TV or radio combined with the ability to share an advertisement with your friends and family."

Well, say hello to Nano Digital Mobile Advertising!

Our Services


We enable you to:

  • Send SMS to HUGE numbers in recipient in a VERY SHORT TIME.
  • Change the SENDER ID (Number Masking) to your Company‚Äôs Name or Brand.
  • Trace the SMS status after sent, whether they received or not, if not, what are the reasons.


They say a picture is worth a thousands words, and a video says it all. At Nano Digital we give you the power to reach your customers direct on their mobile phones through picture, audio and even video adverts. Join us now and get immense value from your digital advertising campaign.


Do you want to know how many customers were reached from your ad campaign? Do you want to know how many customers opted out of your campaign and why? We offer real insights behind your advertising campaigns on how many customers were reached, how many weren't reached and why in realtime.

Our Clients

We are powering Brand to Customer(B2C) engagement at some of Africa's most loved brands.